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Harmony House Limited

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宗旨及使命 Mission & Objectives 以多元化手法針對家庭暴力問題,致力提供預防、治療及發展性服務,推廣和諧及健康家庭關係;透過輔導幫助受家暴影響的家庭;透過社區教育,令公眾改變對家庭暴力的錯誤觀念與態度,增進處理家庭暴力正確知識與技巧。
To promote harmony and healthy relationships in families by providing a comprehensive range of preventive and therapeutic services; To contact and reach out to families in need through counseling and crisis intervention; To change attitudes, impart knowledge and skills through community education.
機構口號 Slogan of Organization 零度容忍家庭暴力
Zero Tolerance to Domestic Violence