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Hong Kong Cancer Fund

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宗旨及使命 Mission & Objectives 香港癌症基金會於1987年成立,為本港最具規模的癌症服務機構,竭力確保沒有人會孤獨地面對癌症。屬下三所癌協服務中心、在主要公立醫院內七間癌症病人資源中心及一間癌症病人針灸中心,為患者及其親友提供全面的免費癌症支援服務。本會沒有接受任何政府及公益金的資助,一分一毫的善款全賴大眾支持,以持續支持各項免費癌症支援服務。網站:www.cancer-fund.org
Hong Kong Cancer Fund is the city’s largest cancer support organisation, providing free professional support to anyone living with or affected by cancer. Established in 1987, our vision was to better the quality of cancer support in Hong Kong and ensure that no one faces cancer alone. We aim to bridge the gaps in cancer care and making life better for people touched by cancer through our FREE professional service, public education campaigns, cancer research and support to public hospitals. Receiving no money from the government or the Community Chest, we rely solely on public generosity to sustain our ongoing cancer support services. For more information, please visit HYPERLINK "http://www.cancer-fund.org" www.cancer-fund.org.
機構口號 Slogan of Organization 抗癌路上不孤單
So no one faces cancer alone