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Raja Yoga Centre Limited
Raja Yoga Centre Limited

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宗旨及使命 Mission & Objectives 一直以來,智慧都出現於最需要的時刻,亦是以最需要的形式出現。現在,正是需要一種清晰簡易知識:自己與上天關係。故此,我們可以回返我們基本質素:愛心、平安和真理,而這些都埋藏於我們心靈中。皇道瑜伽就是這種知識。
Over the ages, wisdom comes at a time of need and in a form that is needed. Now, a very clear and simple knowledge about the self and our relationship with the Supreme is needed, so we can come back to our essential qualities of love, peace and truth, which are within us. Raja Yoga is such knowledge.
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