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Hong Kong Prostate Foundation Limited

最後更新日期 Last Updated Date: 2020-07-13 17:23:33

宗旨及使命 Mission & Objectives 使命:rn協同社會各界,推廣及早關注前列腺健康的重要性;為前列腺病患者及其家人提供支援;提升本港前列腺疾病治療及醫護水平。
Missions:rn- To promote public awareness on the importance of prostate health.rn- To provide support to patients with prostate diseases and their families.rn- To assure high quality professional standard on diagnosis and treatment of prostate diseases.
機構口號 Slogan of Organization 「無懼向前」關注前列腺健康
Be Brave to face our Prostate