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Society of Rehabilitation And Crime Prevention, Hong Kong, The

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每年平均受惠人次 Average no. of Service Recipients/ year (man-times) 482000
每年平均義工人數 (包括董事會成員) Average No. of Volunteers/ Year (including Board Member) 675
每年平均義工服務小時 Average No. of Volunteer Hours/ Year 11260
機構成就 Achievements
獎項及認證 Awards & Accreditation Family Friendly Employer Award 2014
Inclusive Organization - Employer Organization Award 2013-14
創新計劃 Pioneer Projects 燃亮新生計劃(創業組)
- 為有意和有潛質創業的更生人士提供創業培訓課程、創業資金、進階培訓、指導及支援
- 由韓國引入的特許專營「韓廚麵」,旨在栽培年青的更生人士及弱勢社群成為專業廚師和餐飲從業員,為自己創造未來
- 為少數族裔吸毒者提供一站式、可延續和具文化敏感度的社區為本戒毒康復支援服務
- 把流動生命教育 - 模擬監倉帶進學校,透過「過來人」分享及戲劇教育,鼓勵學生反思生命,珍惜自己和別人
- 與學生探討網絡行為,協助辨識不良資訊對身心的影響,從而健康使用互聯網
- 於美國堪薩斯大學及約翰遜縣精神健康中心完成附屬計劃後,把優勢為本復元模式應用於日常臨床實務之上
“Caring Hong Kong – A Heart Warming Campaign”
- provide entrepreneurial training, seed money, training, guidance and support services for ex-offenders who intend to or have the potential to set up their own business
Social Enterprise Chef’s Noodle
- through a franchise model and partnership with a Korean brand, aim at nurturing ex-offenders and the underprivileged to be professional chefs and practitioners in the food and beverage industry for a better future
Project Care
- provide one-stop, sustainable and culturally sensitive treatment and rehabilitation support services for the ethnic minorities substance abusers
Community Education
“Understand Life, Treasure Life” Programme
- encourage students to think about what kinds of life they will lead and treasure themselves and others through a mobile prison, sharing by ex-offenders and drama
“Smart Internet Users” Day Camp
- help students to understand the negative impact of obscene and indecent materials on internet and promote positive use of internet
Mental Health
Strengths-based Recovery Model
- applied Strengths-based Recovery Model in daily clinical practices after attachment programme in University of Kansas and Johnson County Mental Health Centre in the US
未來發展 Future Development