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Love & Care for the Sick Foundation Limited

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服務 Service - 提供長者服務 Providing Elderly Services
- 提供復康服務 Providing Rehabilitation Services
服務範疇及簡介 Scope of Services & Highlight 關愛圈-社區病人支援網絡的服務:\r\n1. 向長期病患者提供入院/離院支援和覆診/治療陪同、家居評估及健康指導,目的是提升其自我照顧能力\r\n2. 向長期病患者及其家人提供心理與靈性支援,目的是提升其心靈指數,從而積極面對病患及維繫和諧家庭\r\n3. 協助長期病患者建立彼此互助網絡,及發動不同社區人士和同區長期病患者建立互動關懷網絡。
“Circle of Love – Community Supporting Network for the Sick”\\r\\n1. To provide service for long-term illness patients :\\r\\nHospital admission /discharge support and medical follow-up/treatment accompany; home safety assessment and health advice in the purpose to improve their self-care ability;\\r\\n2. To provide psychological and spiritual support to the long-term illness patients and their family members in the purpose to uplift their psycho-spiritual quotient and thus empowering them to face their sickness positively and maintain harmony within their family;\\r\\n3. To assist the long term illness patients to build up their own mutual help and care network ;and to motivate people and long term illness patients to set up a mutual network within the community.
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