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服務範疇及簡介 Scope of Services & Highlight 香港女童軍總會是世界性的青年制服團體,為女孩子提供正規教育以外的興趣訓練和活動,培養會員良好的身心發展,提升女性的領導才能,讓她們成為有責任感的公民。女童軍的參與屬自願性質,我們的制服會員包括小女童軍:6-12歲;女童軍10-18歲;深資女童軍/深資航空女童軍/深資海女童軍:15-23歲;領袖:21歲以上;另外還有服務計劃包括快樂小蜜蜂:4-6歲男女幼童,樂齡女童軍:55歲以上。
HKGGA is a worldwide youth uniformed group. HKGGA has been providing non-formal educational leadership training, enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential and leadership to be responsible citizens of the world. Our programmes are designed to meet the needs of girls in different age groups. Brownie: age 6-12; Girl Guide: age 10-18; Ranger/Air Ranger/Sea Ranger: age 15-23; Guider: age 21 or above and the Service Projects, Happy Bee: age 4-6 boys and girls; Golden Guide: age 55 above.
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