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Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists

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宗旨及使命 Mission & Objectives 1.推廣及保障會員之權利; 2.保持業內言語治療師的專業水平; 3.加強社會人士對言語治療師的認識; 4.建立並維持與本港業內其他言語治療師的聯繫; 5.保存一個本港言語治療師的最新名單; 6.建立並維持與海外其他言語治療機構的聯繫; 7.支援香港的專業教育及進修深造課程。
1.To promote and safeguard the interests of members of the Association. 2.To maintain professional standards of speech therapy services in Hong Kong. 3.To promote understanding of speech therapy in the community. 4.To establish and maintain contact with other members of the speech therapy profession in Hong Kong. 5.To keep a current list of speech therapists in Hong Kong. 6.To establish and maintain communication with overseas speech therapy associations. 7.To support professional and post-qualifying education in Hong Kong.
機構口號 Slogan of Organization