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Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation

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宗旨及使命 Mission & Objectives 宗旨:推廣「平等參與、體育共享」的理念, 使視障朋友能透過體育活動,恢復自信心及融入社會。使命: 1. 為香港盲人提供體育訓練課程;2. 培訓盲人精英運動員參加本地、區域性及國際體育比賽;3. 發掘有潛質之盲人參與精英運動員訓練。
To promote equal participation and sports for all.
Objectives:1) To provide regular general sports training programmes to the visually impaired of Hong Kong; 2) To select visually impaired athletes to take part in or to organize local / Regional / inte
ational blind sports tou
aments; 3) To select potential visually impaired athletes for elite athletes training with an aim to represent
Hong Kong to take part in Asian and Olympic Paralympic Games;
機構口號 Slogan of Organization 平等參與, 體育共享
Equal Participation Sports for All