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Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF

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宗旨及使命 Mission & Objectives 1. 我們提倡保護兒童的權利,滿足他們的基本需求,以及增加他們得到全面發展的機會;
2. 我們動員不同政治理念和資源幫助不同的國家,以確保「兒童第一」的承諾得以落實,並協助各國強化自身能力,制定相應的政策及為兒童和其家庭提供所需服務;
3. 我們提供緊急救援予受災兒童及各援助機構;
4. 我們促進各地女童及婦女得到平等機會,及支持她們充分參與各項社區發展及活動;
5. 我們致力邁向國際社會共同的人類發展目標、社會和平發展的願景,實現《聯合國憲章》精神。
1. We advocate for the protection of children's rights, help meet their basic needs and expand their opportunities to reach their full potential;
2. We mobilize political will and material resources to help countries ensure a 'first call for children' and build their capacity to do so;
3. We respond in emergencies to relieve the suffering of children and those who provide their care;
4. We promote the equal rights of women and girls, and support their full participation in the development of their communities;
5. We work towards the human development goals, and the peace and social progress enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.
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