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People of Fortitude. International Mutual-Aid Association for the Disabled Limited

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宗旨及使命 Mission & Objectives 1. 幫助障殘人士就業,讓人人發揮潛能,自力更生;2. 促進企業對障殘人士的關注和重視,以達至接納、幫助和培訓他們成為企業生產線上的成員;3. 提高社會傷健共融的意識,拓展人際與環境的無障礙空間
1.To Help disable with employment & be self-dependent. 2.To promote awareness & the value of disabled to enterprices. 3.To raise public awareness of the unity of the disabled & able-bodied so as to devlope a barrie-free social relationship. 4.To build a community of kindness, peace, mutual aid & support.
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