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QEH Chaplaincy Limited, The

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宗旨及使命 Mission & Objectives 本著基督信仰,以全人醫治服侍院友、家屬及醫護員工,提供關顧及輔導。透過持續探訪,院牧與義工提供耐心聆聽及愛心安慰,協助他們開放自我和向人傾訴,以達致「與神和好、與自己和好、與其他人和好」的人生目標。
With the Christian faith, we provide physical and spiritual counseling for hospitalized patients, their families and medical staffs. Through continuous visits, Chaplain and volunteers will work as patient listeners to comfort them and provide love, so as to achieve “Peace with God, with himself and others” as their life purpose.
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