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Urban Peacemaker Evangelistic Fellowship Limited, The

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宗旨及使命 Mission & Objectives 我們以耶穌基督的愛與貧困家庭同行,一起面對生活上各種挑戰並從中尋找盼望和出路;亦與各界攜手關懷及幫助弱勢社群,透過義工發展及成立互助平台建構持續支援的網絡及和諧共享的社區。
With the love of Christ, we walk with marginalized families facing various challenges so as to find hope and a way out.\r\nJoining hands with the community at large, and by developing volunteers and building mutual assistance platforms, we put together sustainable support networks and a sharing and harmonious community.
機構口號 Slogan of Organization 宣揚基督仁愛 顧念貧窮家庭 建立和平之子 同盼和睦之城
“Manifest the Love of Christ” “Mindful of the Poor Families” “Making peaceable communities” “Await for a city in harmony”