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Child Development Initiative Alliance Co Limited

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宗旨及使命 Mission & Objectives -幫助本港清貧青少年,為他們提供生命教育及生活技能培訓;更提供工作體驗機會,增強他們的就業能力,長遠解決香港跨代貧窮問題;-擔當工商各界扶育青少年的開放平台;-成為推廣青少年扶育文化的橋樑。
-benefit deprived youths by providing trainings in core values, basic life skills and knowledge, and career related exposure and experience to eradicate inter-generational poverty;-an open platform for business community’s participation in youth development initiatives;-promote and educate the public on the culture of developing and supporting underprivileged youths.
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