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基督教中國佈道會沙田迦南堂有限公司 - 白普理學生發展中心
Evangelize China Fellowship Shatin Canaan Church Limited - Bradbury Student Development Centre

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每年平均受惠人次 Average no. of Service Recipients/ year (man-times) 52304
每年平均義工人數 (包括董事會成員) Average No. of Volunteers/ Year (including Board Member) 24
每年平均義工服務小時 Average No. of Volunteer Hours/ Year 0
機構成就 Achievements 中心一直以課餘託管服務為最大的服務範疇服務區內家長及莘莘學子。rn這兩中心更加設為鄰近小學提供由關愛基金津助的課餘託管試驗計劃,以減輕家長的壓力。rn除此以外,中心亦會定期舉辦家長及親子活動,講座及工作坊,藉此提昇及增力親子關係和時間。
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未來發展 Future Development
The service of our Centre will continuely to have After School Care Service as our main service area since the needs of the after-school tutorial classes are very obviously shown by the statistics. rnrnBeside that, we will continue to serve one primary school in this academic year 9/2014-6/2015.rnrnDue to the space and manpower limitation during weekdays, we will arrange recreational and developmental programs mainly in the seasonal long holidays and in the summer holidays.rnrnWe will also arrange Family Life Educational Activities including some parent activities, parent-child joint activities, seminars and workshops.rnrnIn the past years, there were increasing statistics of accidents happened to those children who are being left unattended at home. So, our Centre will continue to strengthen our manpower to provide Occasional Child Care Service for the primary students who need this support service.rnrnWe hope that we can be a good supporter to the parents, students and school teachers.rn