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Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association

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每年平均受惠人次 Average no. of Service Recipients/ year (man-times) 3459589
每年平均義工人數 (包括董事會成員) Average No. of Volunteers/ Year (including Board Member) 10967
每年平均義工服務小時 Average No. of Volunteer Hours/ Year 204730
機構成就 Achievements 1.獲政府批為在學前單位提供社會服務先導計劃營辦機構之一,開展女青昕兒駐校服務 2.趣沂幼稚園正式投入服務 3.女青悅兒成長服務獲社會福利署支持,覓得新辦事處 4.拓展服務參與社會福利署第三期長者社區照顧服務券計劃,服務延伸至2023年 5.獲社會福利署資助,於東區及北區推行智友醫社同行計劃
1.Commissioned by the Government as one of the operators of the Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions and launched the Y JOY Early Childhood School Social Work Service 2.Helen Lee Kindergarten commenced service 3. Y Seeds Wellness Service established its new office with the support of SWD 4.Participated in the 3rd phase of the Scheme on Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly launched by SWD with the service extended to 2023 5.Funded by SWD, Dementia Community Support Scheme was implemented in Eastern District and North District
獎項及認證 Awards & Accreditation Y Silver Link及Y Care新創建青健坊(北區)分別獲賽馬會齡活城市全城.長者友善計劃友善人情及齡活協作大獎;創建生涯路獲商界展關懷傑出伙伴合作計劃獎;三個老有所為活動計劃地區最佳活動獎
Awarded Our City’s Story Award and Age-friendly Collaborator Award in Jockey Club Age-friendly City Partnership Scheme;Awarded Outstanding Partnership Project Award in Caring Company Scheme;Three District Best Activity Awards in Opportunities for the Elderly Projects
創新計劃 Pioneer Projects Yo Life Club年青媽媽生涯發展支援服務關注年青媽媽生涯發展需要;女青賽馬會家庭喜越之旅計劃為升中孩子及家庭提供多元成長課程、親職指導和家庭輔導;梁紹榮度假村環保樂活系列及C.A.R.E.樂齡導師啟導計劃培訓長者為活動導師;女青賽馬會早愛同行計劃支援嬰幼兒、特殊教育需要幼兒及家庭
Yo Life Club Young Mothers’ Career and Life Development Support Services to address their needs on life and career development;YWCA Jockey Club Joyful Transition with Families Project to provide children entering secondary school and their families with personal growth programs, parenting guidance and family counselling;Eco-friendly LOHAS activities and C.A.R.E. Train the Trainer Project for Senior by Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge to train the elders as instructors;YWCA Jockey Club Community Support Network for SEN Children to support infants and young children, SEN children and their families
未來發展 Future Development 1.推動本會2020-2025策略發展行動方案 2.落實推行「企業資源規劃系統」計劃 3.積極推動人才管理及機構文化建立 4.開展新服務「地區康健站」及獨立幼兒中心
1. To implement the “Bold Steps” Strategic Plan 2020-2025 2.To kick start the Enterprise Resources Planning System 3.To enhance talent management and organizational culture 4.To initiate new service, District Health Centre (DHC) Express and aided standalone child care centre