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每年平均受惠人次 Average no. of Service Recipients/ year (man-times) 583
每年平均義工人數 (包括董事會成員) Average No. of Volunteers/ Year (including Board Member) 120
每年平均義工服務小時 Average No. of Volunteer Hours/ Year 694
機構成就 Achievements 不適用
Among the children we assist whose immigration status has been determined, 48% returned home or were in process of returning home with their mothers with a HK birth certificate and clear instructions on how to register this crucial identity document in their home country, 45% became HK residents and 7% were referred for adoption in HK.
For the mothers we help, 60% secured a valid visa and remained employed in HK, 40% returned home or were in process of returning home.
Our successes include removing roadblocks to adoption via collaborating with government departments and other NGOs, and making various submissions to the UN Committee on the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
獎項及認證 Awards & Accreditation
PathFinders Co-Founder, Board Co-Chair and former Executive Director Kylie Uebergang, was awarded the Master in Charity Award at the Women of Influence Awards 2013, presented by the American Chamber and the South China Morning Post on 8 November 2013.
創新計劃 Pioneer Projects
Home Country Integration Program

Many mothers find returning to their home country with their child very difficult. This is particularly the case in religiously devout societies such as Indonesia and the Philippines.

The new initiative aims at:
- Meeting government departments, NGOs, international organizations and academics to raise awareness of the issue and consult their view in preventative measures and resources available for returnees;

- Assisting mothers to gain access to critical services in the long term for their children; and

- Providing financial assistance to families for the first three to six months after returning home.
未來發展 Future Development
“Migrants’ Health Matters” outreach project (1 Dec 2014 - 31 Dec 2015) aims to raise public awareness on migrant workers' rights, and protect migrant workers from unlawful dismissal due to pregnancy by equipping them with knowledge of: family planning including prevention of unplanned pregnancy, maternity rights, employment rights, PathFinders’ services, and other resources and support available to them.

Project outline:
1. Kick-off Ceremony
2. Preventative Education Workshops for migrant beneficiaries
3. Public Booths to reach out to potential clients
4. Radio Interviews
5. Migrant Newspaper Ads
6. Preventative Information Sessions for public & employers