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Summerbridge Hong Kong Limited

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每年平均受惠人次 Average no. of Service Recipients/ year (man-times) 420
每年平均義工人數 (包括董事會成員) Average No. of Volunteers/ Year (including Board Member) 120
每年平均義工服務小時 Average No. of Volunteer Hours/ Year 350
機構成就 Achievements 根據統計數據,不論在香港中學會考或是香港中學文憑考試(文憑試)中,夏橋畢業生在英文科的表現持續高於全港考生的平均達標率。於2012年及2013年夏橋學生考獲文憑試英文科2級或以上成績分別達96%及93%,皆遠高於當年全港平均水平(兩年同是78%)
As proof of the organization’s effectiveness, students who have participated in Summerbridge have consistently scored significantly higher on their English subject public exams (The Hong Kong Certificate of Examination Exam (HKCEE) and The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Exam (HKDSE)) than the Hong Kong average. In 2012 and 2013, 96% and 93%, respectively, of Summerbridge graduates attained level 2 or above on the subject of English Language of the HKDSE compared to the Hong Kong average of 78% in these two years.
獎項及認證 Awards & Accreditation
創新計劃 Pioneer Projects 夏橋旨在提供免費暑期及學期課程予中二而家境困難之學生。夏橋的理念是「學生教導學生」,導師來自本港及海外中學及大學的學生。
Summerbridge provides tuition-free English education to financially disadvantaged students. It provides comprehensive year-round programs to develop students’ English communication through an intensive English Language Development curriculum. Unique to this project is the ‘students-teaching-students’ model, offering older Native English speaking students and local students with high-level English communication abilities the opportunity to teach and administer programs to younger students.
未來發展 Future Development 擴展計劃範圍,使能服務更多家境有困難的香港學生。
To expand our programs and services to serve more disadvantaged youth in Hong Kong.