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Community CareAge Foundation Limited

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每年平均受惠人次 Average no. of Service Recipients/ year (man-times) 25000
每年平均義工人數 (包括董事會成員) Average No. of Volunteers/ Year (including Board Member) 500
每年平均義工服務小時 Average No. of Volunteer Hours/ Year 5000
機構成就 Achievements 對比2016年和2018年,服務點由7個増至11個,增幅為57%; 服務人數從2,104増至2359,增幅為12%;新點開拓期需時建立受惠對象的依從性,總服務人次維持在二萬-二萬四千水平,惟2019年度總服務人次大幅躍升至三萬次,增幅達45.5%,可見護士站成效盡得發揮,深受長者及家人歡迎。
Between FY16 and FY18, the number of service outlets increased from 7 to 11, an increase of 57%; the number of service attendances remained in the range of 22,000-24,000 during this stage of build-up. However, the number of attendances to all our services in 2019 surged to 35,050, a 45.5% increase over the total attendances of 24,082 in Year 2016, signifying the popular acceptance of our service in the community
獎項及認證 Awards & Accreditation
創新計劃 Pioneer Projects 本會積極推行認知障礙症的支援。若能在輕度徵狀階段及早介入,可延續此症惡化情況。2016年為有輕度認知障礙的長者,開辦健腦及健體訓練,提供腦筋及健康鍛鍊。 2017年的服務加上精神科專科醫生到診,填補患者輪候公營醫療服務的空隙。2018年的照顧者們支援計劃,則為家人提供認知路上的指導和支援。
Early intervention at the mild cognitive impairment (MCI) stage can definitely delay the deterioration process into irreversible dementia state. Since 2016, CCAF organized cognitive and physical training for elders having MCI symptoms, seeing encouraging results. In 2017, free consultation by Dr of Psychiatry was added in while the elders await service at the public medical system. In 2019, Programs were organized for the care-givers of dementia patients to help them with caring skills training and psychological appeasement.
未來發展 Future Development 要安老在家,長者是否身壯力健,認知能力是否正常,自理能力能否維持,實在缺少一項也不行。在未來的日子,銀鈴護士站除了推行一貫的防禦性基層醫療護理,會將長者的精神健康也納入我們的恆常服務,真真正正做到全面地照顧長者的身、心、靈健康, 實踐長者安老在家的目標。
Successful ageing depends not only just on physical well-being, cognitive competence, and reliable self-care ability also play very vital roles. In the future, in addition to the implementation of the usual preventive primary health care, the CareAge Nurse Stations will incorporate the mental health of the elderly into our regular services. In this way a holistic approach of taking care of the physical, mental and spiritual health of the elderly can be finally achieved, so that the elderly may age in place competently.