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CTU Education Foundation Limited

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服務 Service - 提供兒童及青少年服務 Providing Children & Youth Services
- 提供家庭服務 Providing Family Services
- 提供社區發展服務 Providing Community Development Services
- 提供少數族裔服務 Providing Ethnic Minorities Services
- 提供其他服務 Providing Other Services:
   職業培訓及就業轉介服務 Vacational Skills Training and Employment Referral Service
服務範疇及簡介 Scope of Services & Highlight 我們為基層工人及失業工友提供不同類型的培訓課程,並輔以各類就業支援服務,使他/她們掌握知識和技能,重新就業及獲得更多的發展機會。此外,我們透過教育和宣傳去提高工人對勞工法例和職業安全健康的認識。現時我們提供服務的地點,分佈於 九龍及新界各區,包括油麻地、大埔、元朗、天水圍及馬鞍山。
Provide an integrated employment support services to the unemployed youth, women and recent immigrants, including vocational skills training, job search skills, job placement services and post-placement support services. We aim to give them the necessary support so as to overcome the low ebb in life resulting from loss of jobs and to rebuild their confidence and be able to stand on their own. CTUEF also aims to raise the workers’ consciousness of their own labour rights so that they can be committed to the continuous improvement of their work conditions.
登記服務使用者人數 No. of Registered Service Recipients 10000
服務單位總數 No. of Service Units 6