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Heep Hong Society

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服務 Service - 提供復康服務 Providing Rehabilitation Services
服務範疇及簡介 Scope of Services & Highlight 協康會創立於1963年,是香港最具規模的兒童教育及復康機構之一。本會致力為不同潛質的兒童及青少年提供專業評估、輔導及訓練,讓他們盡展所能;並支援其家庭,建立積極人生,締造平等融和的社會。協康會600人專業團隊,包括心理學家、治療師、老師、護士和社工,透過直屬40多個服務單位、主流中小學和幼稚園,每年服務超過10,000個家庭。本會積極推出嶄新服務,同時研發「實證為本」的訓練模式,通過出版、研究和培訓,推動大中華區融合教育及康復服務的發展。
Established in 1963, Heep Hong Society is a leading child education and rehabilitation organisation committed to helping children and youth of different abilities achieve full potential by professional assessment, guidance and training, as well as providing family support, thereby contributing to an inclusive society.
Its 600-strong team of professionals, including psychologists, therapists, teachers, nurses and social workers, serve more than 10,000 families every year at over 40 service units, as well as mainstream kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.
As an innovative service provider, Heep Hong dedicates itself to researching evidence-based treatment approaches and promoting the development of integrated education and rehabilitation sector in the Greater China region by issuing publications, research and training.
登記服務使用者人數 No. of Registered Service Recipients 10000
服務單位總數 No. of Service Units 42