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Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council

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服務 Service - 提供長者服務 Providing Elderly Services
- 提供兒童及青少年服務 Providing Children & Youth Services
- 提供復康服務 Providing Rehabilitation Services
- 提供家庭服務 Providing Family Services
- 提供社區發展服務 Providing Community Development Services
- 提供少數族裔服務 Providing Ethnic Minorities Services
- 提供其他服務 Providing Other Services:
   內地服務、教育服務、醫療衞生服務、社會企業 Mainland Service, Education Service, Health Care Service, Social Enterprise
服務範疇及簡介 Scope of Services & Highlight 本會持守「助鄰扶老,服務社群」創會精神及社會工作專業操守,早期在資源匱乏的社區提供諮詢輔導及社區發展服務,自八十年代起發展多元化服務,現有八十三個服務單位,提供家庭及兒童福利、青少年、安老、康復、社區發展、內地、教育、醫療及社企服務,每年服務超過三百萬人次。
The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council adheres to the founding spirit of “Help Our Neighbour, Serve Our Community” and the professional social work ethics. Initial services included counselling and community development in deprived communities. Since 1980s, the Council has expanded to provide diversified services. Presently, its services include Family and Child Welfare, Children and Youth, Elderly, Rehabilitation, Community Development, Mainland, Education, Health Care and Social Enterprises. There are a total of 83 service units, serving more than three million participants annually.
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