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服務 Service - 提供長者服務 Providing Elderly Services
- 提供兒童及青少年服務 Providing Children & Youth Services
- 提供家庭服務 Providing Family Services
- 提供社區發展服務 Providing Community Development Services
- 提供新來港及跨境家庭服務 Providing New Arrivals & Cross-boundary Family Services
服務範疇及簡介 Scope of Services & Highlight 社協多年來的服務對象主要為居住環境惡劣擠迫的籠屋居、租住殘破失修的私樓租客、獨居老人、舊型公屋居民、新移民、貧窮兒童、露宿者、低薪工人、聲音微弱的普羅市民……等等。
People who worked quietly over the past decades and survived by living from hand to mouth and yet, they now neither live with dignity nor share the fruits of economic development. Under the surface of prosperity lives a community that has fallen into oblivion. In cramped and crowded cages and dilapidated private tenements are found, lonely old people, residents in old public housing estates, new immigrants, children living in poverty, street-sleepers, low-paid workers, and common people whose voices are not heard. They have long been the targets for our service.
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