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Suicide Prevention Services Limited

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服務 Service - 提供長者服務 Providing Elderly Services
- 提供兒童及青少年服務 Providing Children & Youth Services
- 提供家庭服務 Providing Family Services
- 提供其他服務 Providing Other Services:
   熱線服務予情緒困擾/自殺危機者 Other Services: Hotline Service to persons who have emotional disturbance/ suicidal risk
服務範疇及簡介 Scope of Services & Highlight 1.熱線服務

2. 預防長者自殺服務
3. 自殺者親友支援服務
4. 社區教育及青少年生命教育
- 賽馬會「愛生命」計劃
-「Joy . 種生命」計劃
5. 義工訓練及支援
1. 24-hr suicide prevention hotline 2. Outreach befriending service for the suicidal elderly 3. Project BLESS - support service for suicide survivors 4. Community Education & Life Education for Youths. 5.Volunteers Training & Support
登記服務使用者人數 No. of Registered Service Recipients 430
服務單位總數 No. of Service Units 1