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服務範疇及簡介 Scope of Services & Highlight 擇善坊為香港社區提供兩個主要服務: 一個互動式的網上捐贈平台提供慈善禮物卡及籌款專頁服務,為香港本地慈善機構籌集資金 ; 及Making Good Choices計劃,為有需要的香港青少年提供就業工作坊,教授他們作好職前準備,令他們更有自信,從而爭取到更多的就業機會。
Charitable Choice provides two key services to the Hong Kong community: An interactive website that provides Charity Gift Cards and personal fundraising pages to support local HK charities; and the Making Good Choices programme, providing customised career preparation workshops to help youths in Hong Kong advance the last mile between having an education and having a job.
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