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服務範疇及簡介 Scope of Services & Highlight CareER於2014年成立,是香港首個為殘疾大專學歷人士而設的義務工作配對平台,高學歷殘疾大專學生及校友會,凝聚一群有抱負、有才能的高學歷殘疾青年, 致力改變社會對殘疾人士的看法。CareER義務推展殘疾人士就業工作,專注於高學歷殘疾人士就業的傳統社會服務盲點。現時,CareER正與數百間雇主保持聯繫,有一百多間雇主成為CareER長期合作夥伴。
CareER is the first joint higher education institutions student community for higher educated students and graduates with disabilities and special needs. Established in 2013, CareER aims to create a platform for students to help one another through alumni experience sharing and a charitable job-matching platform by our HR professional knowledge. It is the first platform for gathering a group of positive and energetic young talents with disabilities who would like to volunteer and change the way employer and society look at person with disability. CareER’s on-going activities include empowerment workshops, students/alumni gatherings and our organisation focuses on promoting the idea of boundless talent to fellow employers by cooperating with various multinational and leading corporations. CareER has been in touch with over 400 employers and over 100 employers is now our long term partners.
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