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Maggie Keswick Jencks Cancer Caring Centre Foundation Limited

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服務範疇及簡介 Scope of Services & Highlight 銘琪癌症關顧中心的設計獨特療癒,為受癌症影響的人士包括其家人及照顧者提供免費的資訊、心理、社交及情緒支援,無須預約或轉介。中心的專業團隊包括癌症支援專科護士、臨床心理學家及社工,支援服務包括個人或家庭的諮詢及輔導服務、癌症支援小組、心理教育課程、營養講座等。中心亦提供鬆弛治療及壓力管理課程,配合不同人士在抗癌或康復路上的需要。
Within a purposely designed building, Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre provides free informational, practical, psychosocial & emotional support to anyone affected by cancer including their family and carers. Referral is not necessary. Our professional team includes oncology nurses, clinical psychologist and social workers and our services include individual and family consultation, cancer support group, psychoeducational programmes, nutrition talk etc. Relaxation and stress management programmes are tailored to meet everyone's needs along their cancer journey.
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