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Christian Oi Hip Fellowship Limited

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服務 Service - 提供復康服務 Providing Rehabilitation Services
服務範疇及簡介 Scope of Services & Highlight 1.小組工作:注重彼此在信仰及生活上的支持,並鼓勵獨立自助,及互相支持。
1. Group work To emphasize on mutual support in belief and daily living and encourage them to be independent and to help each other. 2. Personal Care To emphasize on individual needs, help clients grow and change, provide home visits and counseling. 3. Consultation and training To assist churches and the public in caring ex-patients, provide consultation service and promote mental health education. 4. Communal activities To provide interest classes and outdoor activities so as to improve their social skills and the quality of life. 5. Ex-mental patients’ resource centre To promote mental health and psychiatric public education as well as provide the ex-mentally ill and the public more knowledge and resources to cope with their problems.
登記服務使用者人數 No. of Registered Service Recipients 400
服務單位總數 No. of Service Units 1